Friday, June 27, 2014

Work Placement

I have only done 1 week of my work placement at Palm Lakes Aged Care.

And I came out of it with sore tired feet due to having the wrong type of shoes.

And being quarantine for a week as my other half had viral gastro. So while I was "under lock-down" I went to 3 doctors appointments, had a blood test as well as a urine/stool test. And made sure my hypothyroid was not infected.

So I decided to spend this quality time to catch up on the washing and folding, which now I have more folding to do. Must remind myself to that when the bed free from sleeping bodies.

Sam sleeping under my nice warm (and needing a wash) doona. 

Anyway, during the week I decided to get something that will help me with my work placement (and maybe a job in the near future). I am still waiting on a few other things like a watch and new pair of shoes.

 I think that this will get a lot of use... actually I know that it will. 

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