Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY Recipe Holder

I know it has been a couple of days since my last post. But today I'm bring you something that I made for the kitchen to hold all of new recipes that I want to make.

This morning while waiting for the groceries arrive from Woolworths. I had made myself a recipe holder using an empty Nutri-grain box that I had lying around. I found some pretty wrapping paper and some scissors and tape. And went on making this cute Recipe Holder.

The making of the Recipe folder. 

I love this project as it was a money saver. I had everything I needed on hand. And all it took was 15 minutes of my own time to make this.

The final result of my Recipe Holder. 

I chose this particular wrapping paper, not only because it had blue birds on it (I love birds), but because I knew it would fit in perfectly as to where it would go in the kitchen.

My Recipe Holder in it's perfect spot. 

It is now at home on the kitchen bench next to my lemons (for Lemon Tea) and the unsightly tea towels with the bread. 

I think I need to make a bread box and do something about that basket... 

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