Sunday, June 1, 2014

30 Day Ab Challenge and Morning Yoga Poses

Well today I have started a challenge to help me lose weight with in regards to my Hypothyroidism that I have diagnosed with just last week.

My plan is to start exercising and get my life back onto the healthy road.

Starting with the 30 day Ab challenge.

Now I may not get abs out of this but it is a start to a flatter tummy and upper body strength which I so desperately need.

So I will be following this daily and will be doing the workouts twice a day. The planks are a real challenge for me. I barely managed to do 3 seconds! And I had to do it for 10 seconds, Boy that was a killer for me.

However when I did the yoga poses for the first time this morning, I actually had fun and worked up a lot more sweat than I thought I would.

But because I'm a beginner at yoga I found a cute little morning yoga guide to help me to do the positions.


Now aren't these rabbits cute!

I followed this sequence 4 times and not the 6 like the picture said. But I could have followed the rabbits all day if I had the energy.

Now to help me on this challenge, I needed some motivation.  So I decided to create an exercise wall.

This should help keep me motivated for a while. I also have a "before" photo of me but I'm not quite ready to show that off yet.

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