Monday, July 28, 2014

Swatch sample projects

Just a quick post showing what else I did with my samples I got from Spoonflower.

I do love the fabric swatch I got and can't wait to turn it into a hair bow. It is going to look awesome!

Fabric Sample

And here is my water bottle. This was the very first thing I made with the wallpaper sample and I just love it.

And now that I have more plastic bottles I need to get another sample piece to cover them =)

My favourite water bottle. 

New Challenge!

I have a new challenge set in front of me...

Picture is taken from Kevin & Amanda 

I have been challenged to make homemade ice cream. And the biggest clincher is that my partner wants to get in on the challenge.

My partner wants to make a coffee and vanilla ice cream.

And I am wanting to do a chocolate cookie dough ice cream.

Looks like I will be hitting the recipes sites to help me make this awesome ice cream!

Friday, July 25, 2014

New additions to the back potted garden.

Just posting up a couple of new plants to our outdoor area of potted plants (I will blog about the other plants in another post).

When I was growing up, my dad's house had some wonderful scented roses growing. And ever since then I have had a love for roses. It's not the first one on my flower list, but its in the top 5 of my favourite flowers.

But because the house I'm living in is a rental. I have decided that any plant I want to grow would have to planted in pots. Which is good in my books, as I love pots.

Now the reason why i'm talking about roses is this little miniature rose I recently got.

My newest miniature rose.

I don't have room for the normal sized roses that are out there so I collect miniature roses. They are the perfect sized rose for me. And they can come scented. You just need to look for them.

The next addition is another miniature (well technically is a dwarf). And I use these a lot in my teas and baking. If you hadn't guessed by now, it's a dwarf lemon tree.

Dwarf Lemon Tree.

I will post up all the other potted plants in another blog. I need to take some nicer looking photos of everything, and make it look pretty =P I will also add some close ups of the lemon blossom flowers as well Including the new additions to the front garden.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Incense Storage Box

So the second project I got to finish was my Incense Storage Box that I had out in the kitchen.

The box went from this recycled tissue box to this...

Now I had some extra wrapping paper left over from when I did my Recipe Holder . So keeping with the theme I had started, I decided to use the same paper for my incense box.

Instead of using normal scotch tape like I had with the Recipe Holder. I used my favourite Elmer's adhesive spray for this project.
It had made this project go so much easier as I didn't have use the tape. I may just end up redoing my recipe folder with the spray. But I will need to buy more wrapping paper before I do as a "just in case something goes wrong".

The final result with the incense sticks back in its box. 

DIY Pen Holder

Ok I have managed to get 2 projects completed. Took me no more than an hour to complete

I have fallen in love with Elmer's Adhesive Spray  that I bought from Officeworks about a year ago and never really got to use it until now.

DIY Pen Holder

So my first project I finished was my pen holder.

I recycled a 420g Heinz Spaghetti Can that I had for lunch a few days ago. (I am now collecting tin cans of all sizes despite what my boyfriend says - he thinks it is all rubbish!). And I had just left it on the table in my craft room waiting for it to be prettied up with a sample of my wallpaper I made over at Spoonflower.

I do apologize for not having a before shot of my tin can. But i'm pretty sure everyone knows what they look like.

My pen holder before I added the pens. I do feel that there is something missing, but for now I am happy with it. 

With the pens added. The photo is a little dark due to the angle I took the photo. 


I love recycling and re-purposing cans and glass jars. I just can't keep that many in the house at the moment until I have proper organization in my craft room.. I have even saved the tiny cat food tins that I have a project in the works for. The only thing I do need to purchase for that project is some spray paint and either some more wallpaper or some thick washi tape.

The other thing I need to do, is to do up a DIY spray box for my adhesive spray so I don't get it everywhere.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hello everyone!

I do apologize for the lack in posts for the last few weeks. I have been quite busy with my work placement and it was quite tiring.

I'm finally playing the catch up game with chores, washing and folding. And trying to get back into the projects that I haven't quite finished yet.

On the plus side of this work placement I did manage to get a card class in once a month out of it (I was hoping for a job but oh well). So I need to start organizing that now as well.

Now that I'm back and playing catch up you will hear from me a bit more. And I should have a post up within the next day or two.