Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Incense Storage Box

So the second project I got to finish was my Incense Storage Box that I had out in the kitchen.

The box went from this recycled tissue box to this...

Now I had some extra wrapping paper left over from when I did my Recipe Holder . So keeping with the theme I had started, I decided to use the same paper for my incense box.

Instead of using normal scotch tape like I had with the Recipe Holder. I used my favourite Elmer's adhesive spray for this project.
It had made this project go so much easier as I didn't have use the tape. I may just end up redoing my recipe folder with the spray. But I will need to buy more wrapping paper before I do as a "just in case something goes wrong".

The final result with the incense sticks back in its box. 

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