Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Hair Bows

Normally I was never a hair bow kinda girl when I was growing up. My hair was either short or I have it up in a ponytail or a plait.

But as life changes you, so do the little things around you change. I started to like hair bows. But not just any kind of hair bow. They have to be cute, of an interest that I like or something geeky.

I only own four hair bows. But if I had the money I would own a lot more.

The four hair bows that I own.

And this is what this post is about....

Making your own hair bows.

Now this project has been on my to do list for a while now. And I still don't have all the equipment required to make them. I'm just needing the clips to go with them.

They are easy to make. I googled a few different DIYs on making hair bows and found the ones that suited to me best in technique wise and I will use these tutorials when I eventually make my own hair bows.

The first one I found is from Rookie mag. I will probably use this tutorial quite a lot due to the glue that is used here. I do have a glue gun, but I'm not good at using it.

Another one I would also use quite regularly is from Little Miss Kimberly Ann. This one is quite easy, and probably the first one I will try.

Life with les deux Has the same principles as the first two I've posted. 

I'm really looking forward to making these lace hair bows from Shanty 2 Chic. I had so many ideas popping into my head when I saw these. I now need to invest in a lot of lace to make them.

I do have another plan with these DIY hair bows, but I'm keeping it a secret for the time being. My hair bow making skills need to be perfect for that project.

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